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性色: Fulfilling your hunger for OT3 sammich

threesome antics
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BFF/lover, makes no difference to Nino

>> I N F O R M A T I O N

In Arashi, a Japanese boyband from Johnny & Associates Talent Agency, each member is associated with a color, thanks to the editing staff of Mago Mago Arashi. Sakurai Sho - red. Ninomiya Kazunari - yellow. Ohno Satoshi - blue. Together, they make up the three primary colors.

性色 is a pun on the Japanese equivalent for "primary colors" (正色). 性 is a kanji often found in sexual terms like 性行為 (sexual actions) & 性具 (sexual toys). 色 is commonly known as "color", but is also used in words like 色っぽい (sexy) & 色気 (erotic vibe) to imply sensuality.

Thus, 性色: Fulfilling your hunger for Sho/Nino/Ohno OT3 sammich.

Welcome and enjoy the dorky love!

>> G E N E R A L R U L E S

♥ All posts must be directly related to the Sho/Nino/Ohno OT3, be it as a romantic threesome or as a friendship. Posts with material on a single pairing within the OT3 (Sho/Nino, Nino/Ohno, Sho/Ohno) are not allowed, with some exceptions (see Specific Rules). Unrelated posts will be issued a single warning. If the post is not deleted within 24 hours of that warning, it will be deleted without notice thereafter.

♥ No bashing is allowed. If you have issues with Arashi, any of the members, or the idea of this threesome, kindly do yourself a favor and stay far away from this community. We also do not take kindly to personal attacks on each other. Constructive criticism is fine; personal insults are not.

♥ Images that exceed the width of 300 px must either be re-sized or placed behind an LJ-cut when posting them to this community. The rule applies if you are sharing three or more images as well.

♥ Sales posts, links to online shopping sites, or ads for RP communities are prohibited. Any and all posts pertaining to an advertisement of some form will be deleted without warning. You can visit the main Arashi communities (a_ra_shi & arashi_on) for that kind of thing.

♥ Absolutely no birthday posts! Your friendly mods will handle such posts.

♥ Absolutely no introductory posts unless they come with an offering.

♥ PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAG. Tags are your best friend and the easiest way for people to find your stuff. We will not be putting anything into the memories and we will not hound you to tag your posts so keep your mods happy by tagging.

♥ If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, you can drop a comment here.

>> S P E C I F I C R U L E S

♥ Fanfiction/Fanart must have Sho/Nino/Ohno as either a threesome or as a friendship. No pairings within the OT3 are allowed; however, if your story does have some pairing material in it, that is fine as long as the ultimate focus of the fanfic is the OT3. You cannot have most of the story focus on the pairing and then have the third person show up at the very end and call it OT3. In regards to Arashi OT5, as either a friendship or a romantic relationship, both will be allowed as long as the focus remains on the Sho/Nino/Ohno aspect of the relationship. We by no means want Aiba and Jun to be excluded. All fanfiction, regardless of length, must be placed behind a LJ-cut. NC-17/R rated material must come with a warning outside the LJ-cut. In addition, they must also be F-locked to the community.

♥ For anything graphics-related, we realize that magazine images or screencaptures of just the OT3 can be difficult to find so individual shots are acceptable as long as individual shots of all 3 members are included. Pairing shots are also allowed as long as pictures of all 3 possible pairings within the OT3 are included.

♥ Fanworks based on drama characters of the OT3 are perfectly acceptable as well, provided every member of the OT3 is included. For example, Suzuki Taiyou/Yamada Tarou/Yano Kenta or Mimura Takuya/Ariake Koichi/Naruse Ryo.

♥ Please do not share full Arashi TV shows, guest appearances, PVs, or any of the sort. Besides the main Arashi communities (linked above), there are many media communities who already provide these downloads, such as onlyarashifiles, last_of_days, and team_oichii. Hence, we will only allow clips of the OT3 on this community.

♥ When sharing a video clip, translation, magazine scans, or just anything that is not yours, credit must be given wherever possible. Credits can be in the form of the original owner's LJ username and/or a link to the original post. If the original owner specifically states that sharing of her work is not allowed, please comply with the owner's rules. If the original owner does not explicitly write her sharing rules down, it is polite to ask for permission first. With regards to picspams, as it can be hard to keep track of the original scan, crediting is appreciated but not necessary.

>> B I W E E K L Y T H E M E W O R K S

♥ On the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month, one of your mods will present the community with a theme or a prompt to get those OT3 gears running. Participation is not required but highly encouraged.

♥ All forms of fanwork (fanfiction, fanart, graphics, etc.) will be accepted. Recs and picspams are also okay, as is old material provided you haven't already posted it in the community. Do not, under any circumstance, post anything saying it is yours when it is not.

♥ Responses must be posted in the comments. Please do not make a separate post unless the new theme has already been issued. A link to the current theme post will be provided on the sidebar for easy access.

♥ Links to an outside journal are perfectly fine, however, if the post you link to is, or will be, locked, please indicate that in your comment.

♥ Though we post these themes in the hopes of generating fanworks, fanworks are actually not necessary. Discussion and general flail about the OT3 related to the theme is welcome as well. Do not be discouraged if you have nothing tangible to offer. Circulate your ideas and perhaps someone else will pick them up.

♥ Above all else: HAVE FUN WITH IT. Even if you think your ideas are total crack -- well, that doesn't really matter, now does it? We all know that sooner or later, Arashi will do us one better. They live to outcrack fandom. So post whatever it is you have on your mind! You never know what will trigger the start of something truly awesome. After all, this community was born out of a single translation, you know.

>> C O N T A C T

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM any one of the mods below:

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